When marketing information about your business to those across our northern border, a Canadian lead database is an indispensable tool. Your business needs a Canadian database that will connect you to your target market and put your product in front of millions of prospective buyers, one that will increase your sales and take your product international.

As business relations between countries increase, consumers expect an ever-growing variety of products. The individuals on our Canadian Database are waiting for you to introduce your product to their market. Novo Marketing’s Canadian database is comprised of individual contacts who “opt in” by indicating their interest in what your company has to offer. By using Novo Marketing’s Canadian database , you will target consumers who share an interest in your company. These individuals are an active part of the global economy and can increase your sales, as well as call attention to your company in the foreign market.

In today’s global economy, your business needs to have a presence in every marketplace. An effective way to make your presence known in the Canadian market is to use a Canadian database. Novo Marketing’s Canadian database will connect you to approximately 4.3 million direct mail addresses and 2.5 million email contacts. Regardless of whether your marketing strategy involves direct mailers, online advertisement, or both, Novo Marketing’s  Canadian database will give you the tools you need to conduct a successful marketing campaign and reach millions of consumers.

Your business cannot afford to miss out on the benefits of reaching out to the Canadian market– you need a Novo Marketing Canadian database. Don’t allow your competitors to get there first, get your Canadian database now.

Novo Marketing can cater to the specifics of any Canada lead lists for you. If you need a custom Canadian database that is not mentioned above, please feel free to contact us. For Pricing and updated count information please contact a Novo Marketing Sales Representative at 877-873-8947.