Performance results for 12 months

Task: “Development of inbound marketing”

Detailed report of the NOVO team on the work done and results achieved for Elogic from May 2023 to April 2024:


TOP 6 results achieved in 12 months


Where did we start from?

We had to systematize all the ideas and developments that were “hanging in the air” and often conflicted with each other.


Analysis of the previous work, results achieved, efficiency and strategic vision of the company’s development


Clarifying objectives, formulating hypotheses, assessing the resources required, and defining success metrics


We identified the priority and strategic tasks and optimised the costs.

Active work

The team started to fulfill the tasks 🙂


SEO – 1691 hours, 26% of the total time.
SEO is an important strategic perspective. It is a long game for the future, laying the foundation for years. In the first 6-12 months, it’s hard to expect much in the way of achievements, the main results will come later.

We are currently focusing on the leading metrics:

  • looking for potential sources of new traffic
  • increase the authority of the site
  • improve the position in the search results
  • implement the process of quickly creating new pages
  • increase conversion rates
+ 0 %
+ 0
1 M
Sem Core
+ 0
01. We led the keywords in the TOP-3: +90%

We ranked more than 200 queries in the TOP-3 (May 2023 – 126 queries in the TOP-3 -> May 2024 – 238 queries).

  • We ranked more than 800 queries in the TOP-10 (May 2023 – 492 queries in the TOP-10 -> May 2024 – 811 queries).

see more details here.

02. Forming the Semantic Core: 1М+

  • New potential keys were selected and filtered.
  • The ones that match the company’s development strategy are selected.
  • 1 million potential traffic.
03. Written and published in the blog: +28 articles
  • We wrote and published 28 articles in the blog.
  • The written articles attract +1000 app sessions monthly.
04. Fixed critical errors: 200+
  • Optimization of 100+ images.
  • Fixed micromarkup on 40 pages.
  • Fixed a problem with canons on the blog.
  • Fixed a problem with pagespeed – CDN (saving 2K dollars a year on the plan).
  • Fixed 404 and 301 errors.
  • Fixed meta tags H1-H3.
  • Optimization of Description, Title.
  • Removed orphan pages.
  • Fixed sitemap.
05. SPIN pages: +4 sections: +81 pages
  • The created 81 pages are grouped into 4 sections: integration, migration, b2b ecommerce for <industry>, b2b portal for <>.
  • We brought 77 micro conversions, 3 MQL requests, 1 SQL (as of 05.24).
  • We collect 100 sessions of highly thematic traffic every month.
06. Service pages: +126 pages
  • +19 full-fledged service pages
  • +81 SPIN pages
  • +26 (mini-pages)
07. Advanced snippets: 45+
  • We fixed the micro-markup on 40 pages.
  • We got +5 service pages with asterisks.
  • We got into new Rich snippets.


LinkBuilding – 2116 hours, 32% of the total time.
The LinkBuilding department builds authoritative external links to our website. This contributes to the growth of page positions in the TOP of search engine results.
Additional bonuses:
  • Attracting high-quality referral traffic through thematic add-ons.
  • Increased trust and credibility due to backlinks from sites such as HubSpot, Envato.
  • Improved relevance. Thematic backlinks allow crawlers to understand the context of the site better.
+ 0
+ 0
0 %
  • All links are permanent.
  • Manual link building only.
  • 111 backlinks from high ranking domains with DR 60+.
  • 18 backlinks with DR 80+.
02. DR increase: from 53 to 66

DR growth

  • Increased the domain rating of from 53 to 66.
  • $187 is the cost of a link placed by the NOVO team. This price includes everything (link builders’ salaries, content creation budgets, payment to webmasters, agency commissions).
  • The average market price for backlinks of this quality is $300-500.


85 hours, 1.23% of the total time

PPC attracts the possibility of a quick start and guaranteed visitors, but there are questions about the payback of this direction.

We have analyzed and tested it, but due to high competition, current conversion of service pages, and cost per click, it is not effective to spend money on this strategy.

Therefore, we have suspended promotion by commercial keys with landing on the main service page. We plan to increase conversion to niche keys and specialized landing pages.

01. Analysis of advertising
  • We studied previous experience and built two Elogic funnel models.
  • We suspended significant investments in the channel because of the high CPA -> $2 232 per MQL.
  • According to the current funnel model, we need to buy 6.2-7.7 thousand clicks for one DEAL for approximately $18,739-$28,924 if we manage to buy this volume of clicks at $3.1-$4.6.
02. Testing hypotheses on commercial keys: +6
  • Improved and expanded existing companies in the Magento, Ecomm Development, B2B Marketplace Dev cluster.
  • Tested new hypotheses on “magento integration” integrations.
  • We tested the hypotheses for development on hyvä development.
  • We tested the hypotheses on lead magnet advertising:


  • Reached an audience of 146,767 people;
  • We attracted 5,431 clicks for $0.32 (cheap clicks in remarketing);
  • We got 4 associated conversions into a $1700 application.
03. The launch of new testing companies for lead magnets
04. Set up data aggregation in GA4 with HubSpotAccordion Title
  • Transferring MQL and SQL statuses to GA4 for better lead source analysis through different attribution models


192 hours – 3% of the time
We test high-risk ideas that can yield good results with high ROI.

Our goal is to find content that will catch on, go viral, and bring us a lot of links and mentions. We are also looking for new niches of traffic acquisition that are not typical for Elogic’s main strategy.

+ 0
01. Lead magnets: +4, +251 mail.
  • We created and published 4 lead magnets with autofunnels: landing pages for collecting emails, and a series of autocampaigns through HubSpot.
  • We collected 251 emails.
  • We brought 3 requests -> 1 MQL ->SQL.
  • Created an infographic “Ecommerce Trends for 2024”.
  • Got it published on the trust resource.
03. We set up a process for receiving video reviews: +5 video reviews
  • Process organization and management.
  • Post-production.
  • Publication on the website.
  • a new trust block on the website and 5 video reviews as of 05.24.
04. Raising the deliverability of corporate mail: +2.8
  • Added DKIM, DMARC records to domain for better email delivery.
  • We removed the Elogic domain from 3 blacklists.
  • We raised the corporate email rating from 6.7 to 9.5.
05. Posted 3 PR articles
  • Article “Are Ukrainian IT companies ready for power outages?”.
  • Article “How Ukrainian IT companies help the army”.
  • Article “How Ukrainian IT professionals are preparing for winter 2024”.


205 hours – 3% of the time

Listing in catalogs brings real applications. Positive feedback adds credibility and drives conversions into orders:

  • We are actively looking for new high-quality directories and partner listings.
  • We improve the descriptions and authority of the existing directories.
  • We try new atypical headings (for example, web design).
+ 0
+ 0
Updated score
+ 0
01. Improving conversion from directories
  • Added new cases to popular directories.
  • Updated descriptions in Clutch, GoodFirms, DesignRush, g2, Gartner.
  • Updated portfolio covers in Clutch.
  • Added new reviews.
  • We formalized the ideas that were “hanging in the air”, duplicated and conflicted with each other.
02. Analysis and adjustment of directories: +1 client, +24 MQL
  • Ongoing management and checklist of potentially successful places for paid sponsorship.
  • Researching new promising directories.
  • Analyzed the best directories in terms of efficiency and quality of applications. We bought new advertising spaces.
Results: we got 1 client, 24 MQL at $958 per MQL
03. Cost savings: $12,400
  • We turned off paid promotions in Clutch and other directories for the summer off-season.
  • We saved $12,400 in total.
04. Rating in Clutch. Ability to Deliver score: +1
  • We raised the Ability to Deliver score from 37.1 to 38.1 (it affects the company’s rating in the catalogs themselves).
  • Added new achievements to Market Presence Clutch.
05. New partnerships in global directories: +3
  • We have become a partner of Stripe.
  • We are negotiating with:,
06. Portfolio updates in design directories: +20

Registration and adding cases to design directories:

07. Added cases to the main directories: +12
08. Added reviews: +13
  • Added 13 reviews on 3 sites: Clutch (1), Goodfirms (1), Trustpilot (11).


128 hours – 2% of the time

The main goal is to improve the conversion rate from site visitors to leads.

Some basic tasks have already been done (Mega menu). Other tasks are in active work (abandoned carts, contact page).

The progress here is slower due to longer communication with Elogic developers and limited working hours.

So we allocate a little of our time and focus on other tasks.

82 %
Services in menu
01. “Abandoned carts”
  • An abandoned cart service has been set up that notifies you of an incomplete form and offers to complete it.
  • The test is ongoing.
02. “Mega menu”
  • Implemented a new menu in the Header.
  • Created a new Solution page.
  • Updated the Services page.
  • Filled the menu with new services: +28 pages.
  • Created 50% of full-fledged pages.
03. Redesign of the ContactUs page
  • New feedback form on all pages of the site.
  • Improved behavioral ones in Clarity.
04. Improved Page Speed
  • We brought Page Speed to an acceptable level and set up a CDN.
  • We saved $2000 per year by switching to a more cost-effective NitroPack plan.
05. Reduction of spam: from 82% to 3%
  • We added hidden reCAPTCHA v3, which reduced the spam rate from 82% to 3%.
  • We refused to use the paid Akismet solution – an additional savings of $120 per year.
06. Developed 10 new blocks for the Gutenberg constructor
  • We created 10 new blocks for the Gutenberg constructor to reveal new services.

[Brand& Reputation]

90 hours – 1.4% of the time

Working with a brand doesn’t bring in leads right now, but it raises the company’s overall credibility. It will bring leads in the future.
We decided to allocate a small amount of resources. And do tasks that show a quantitative increase.

+ 0
+ 0
01. Added reviews: +13
  • Added 13 reviews on 4 sites: Clutch, goodfirms, trustpilot.
02. Procedure for adding new reviews
We created and described the process for adding reviews in the document “Process for Attracting Reviews for Elogic”.
03. Publication of new case studies: +32
  • Published cases of MSP, MODEST, PET HQ, DIGI, Benum, Kaneen, TDI in: slutch, designrush, goodfirms, G2, dribbble, pinterest,,
04. Intent-based case studies: +2
  • Created and added 2 Intent-based case studies, DIGI, AMELIE to reflect the experience in Hyva and Shopify Plus.
05. Implementation of the Editorial Style Guide
  • We created a document describing the company’s Tone of Voice. The document contains clear instructions and examples to follow when creating new content.
  • We also added an SEO checklist to the document.
06. Publishing press releases + PR articles: +313 mentions
  • The press release Elogic Commerce Achieves Adobe Commerce Specialization in EMEA was published.
  • The news was published by 310 websites.
  • Created and published a press release about Hyva Supplier.
  • Article “Are Ukrainian IT companies ready for power outages?”.
  • Article “‘How Ukrainian IT companies help the army’.
  • Article “How Ukrainian IT professionals are preparing for winter 2024”.
07. New status partnerships: +3
  • We received the status of Stripe technology partner.
  • We are in the process of making partnerships with:,


279 hours – 4.2% of the time

We devote our team’s working time to various tasks assigned to us by the Elogic team regularly.

We advise, manage, or directly perform tasks.

0 h
01. Different small tasks at the request of the Elogic team
  • Participation in the strategy session.
  • Discussion of ideas and stages of implementation after the strat session.
  • Evaluation of lead magnets from the Sales team.
    Selection of an editor.
  • Help with the ToR for writers.
  • Analysis of Pasha and Igor’s ideas.
02. Events section for conferences
  • Created a new web section dedicated to offline events in which the company participates.
  • Created pages for 2 conferences.
  • Set up a quick process for creating pages for future events.
  • Set up analytics. Now we can warm up interested page visitors.
03. Participation in the strategic session
  • Participation in a stratagem session.
  • Formalization of tasks.
  • Advising the Elogic team.
04. Hiring a copywriter and editor
  • Participation in the hiring of an editor.
  • Assisting in the hiring of a copywriter.
  • Organization of the process with their inclusion in the work.
05. Involvement in the sales process: +12 leads
  • Fixed an issue with Calendly lead processing. We found and handed over 12 leads to the Sales team, and signed a contract with one of them (Dorina).
  • Added the ability to filter spam in forms better by using a captcha.
06. Testing of hypotheses: +69

We also recorded 69 hypotheses from the CEO.


1604 hours – 24% of the time

  • Formalizing ideas in detail, defining success metrics.
  • Estimation of implementation costs, assessment of the payback of tasks, prioritization by the best ROI.
  • Analysis of completed tasks, both immediately and in the future.
  • Separate validation and evaluation of a large number of ideas generated by customers.
+ 0
0 +
+ 1
Tasks solved
01. Ideas formalization: +573

Formalization and prioritization of a number of ideas that were hanging in the air, duplicated and conflicted with each other.

Constant work with new ideas.

02. Creating a marketing plan in xmind
Creating a marketing plan in xmind, divided into several large areas (epic).
03. Implementation of the scrum process
Implementation of scrum for process clarity and better ROI calculation.
04. Evaluating the effectiveness of each hypothesis
  • We implemented a test of each hypothesis, with a clear definition of done.
  • This allowed us to abandon dozens of tasks with 0 ROI.
  • We prioritized those that would bring the most benefit in the near future.
05. Collected data to evaluate hypotheses rapidly

We have collected a large amount of analytical data. With this information, we can evaluate new hypotheses on the spot:

  • How many resources will be needed.
  • What is our monthly productivity.
  • Where are our strengths and weaknesses.
06. Proven and developed ideas: +251


  • We developed and implemented 251 ideas
07. Created Company Dashboard

We created the first version of Company Dashboard, which collects key indicators:

  • Analysis of customers, and their LTV.
  • Monthly regular analytics of key metrics.

The work is ongoing

Our Process

How are we doing on schedule?

Working hours

We delivered more contract hours than planned.

The total number of contract hours worked was 6,626 for the year (May 2023-April 2024)

Financial part

We carefully analyze the cost recovery and choose only the most successful strategies. Therefore, a huge amount of money is saved on marketing.

Comparison of results

The same budget for 12 months



Quality Links: 400%

up to 50


New Pages

up to 20


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