Email FAQ

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

How Quickly will my Order be Processed?

Once your order is place with a sales professional over the phone please allow 4-6 hours for delivery.

How are the leads delivered to me?

The leads are delivered by email in three formats: Microsoft Excel (.xls), Comma Delimited (.csv), and Text Format.

Do you offer geographic email lists or gender email list sorting?

Yes, you can fully customize your search by geography and gender. Depending on the package selected, you can target by zip code, state, and gender… or any combination of these options. Additional charges may apply, depending on the combination of sorting items selected and the leads package selected.

Do you re-sell the leads to other people?

Our real-time leads are sold on a semi-exclusive basis, sold an average of only 2 times. You will find our email lists to be much more responsive than any other e-mail list provider on the internet.

How do you generate your email list leads?

We generate all of our prospects through Internet sources such as marketing, publishing and ad agencies, where the individual has completed an online request form submitting their contact information.

Do you provide the IP Address & Timestamp with the email list leads?

Yes, only our consumer email lists will contain the prospect’s computer IP address and time stamp, identifying the exact instance the prospect submitted their request. This information is imperative for email marketing. Do not buy leads from anyone who cannot provide this information, and show you how they generated their leads. This information may also be required if you are wanting to upload your leads into an external CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) or Auto-Response System, or may be requested by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) in the event of a complaint.

Is the e-mail list I purchase mine to keep?

Yes, Novo Marketing’s email lists are yours at time of purchase. We are not a rental service.

Can I speak to a Novo Marketing representative directly?

Yes, our toll free number is 877-873-8947 for any questions or RFP’s.

What is your policy on refunds?

All sales are Final. Due to the nature of the service we are providing, no refunds or exchanges will be offered once an order has been submitted for processing.
Novo Marketing — the experts in email list generation and management. Call our toll-free customer support line at 877.873.8947 today, to discuss your options!