Focus on ROI + Profit

We are NOVO, a boutique marketing agency with 15+ years of experience in e-commerce and SaaS.

Our bootstrapping experience prioritizes efficiency, with a focus on ROI and profit.

Our expertise

We have thrived in a competitive niche for many years.

Despite having a limited budget, we have outperformed larger companies with much larger marketing budgets.


Growth marketing

A/B testing, User research, Analytics, Data Analysis, UX 



Link building, Audit, Tech


Email marketing

Segmentation, Automation


Content based marketing

Creation, Distribution



Efficient strategy, translation


Customer success

Retention, Net Promoter Score,  Lifetime Value


Paid marketing

Google, Meta, Bing


Consulting services

Return on Investment (ROI),  Cost per Lead (CPL), Conversion Rate

Serial entrepre-neurs

20 years of business experience

We are serial entrepreneurs who have sold several businesses in the past. Read more here.

We have a great marketing team left behind after our most recent venture. As well as business growing experience.

As a result, we’re looking to kickstart our own business incubator and launch new companies in the next 1-2 years.

We already have a robust marketing team on the backend to start and grow our incubated companies. And now you can hire us as contractors to handle your marketing tasks.



Eugene Kasinsky

Eugene Kasinsky

Co-Founder, CEO

We’re getting a lot of requests from companies and funds we know who are interested in hiring us as contractors for digital marketing.

So we was thinking about separating our marketing team into a standalone company. 

NOVO marketing company was founded

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Alex Oliinyk

Alex Oliinyk

Co-Founder, CFO

We are always open to meeting new people and exploring new opportunities. We are excited about the potential of future collaboration.

Let us know if there’s anything we can do to be helpful to you, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to chat further. Let’s  explore ways we can work together.

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20+ years of personal business experience. 


15+ years of digital marketing experience in e-commerce and SaaS


For 10+ years, successfully developing our most recent SaaS product


Featured On

Our case for SaaS

Logaster – Online logo & brand identity builder targeting small businesses

20 000 000+

Annual website sessions

7 000 000+

Customers (Small Business)

800 000+

Annual signups

11 000+

Annual paid customers


Well-trusted brand – score with over 1000 user Reviews


Main traffic source  

15+ main sales geos

USA, Brazil, Vietnam, China, Mexico, Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, South Korea.. 

30+ Localizations 


Our offerings

What suits you best?

Option 1. Outsource your marketing tasks

Hire our company  as contractor to handle specific marketing tasks or functions. In this case, we take full responsibility for the task, and you do not need to have direct control over the team working on it.

Option 2. Augment Your Existing Marketing Team

Staff augmentation (outstaffing) is a flexible way to hire skilled  resources from outside your company and manage them as part of your internal marketing team

1. Hire as contractor


2. Staff augmentation


NOVO Marketing

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