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Novo Marketing’s database append & hygiene process services offers the largest match rate in the industry. Our process involves taking your email address list of last names and postal addresses and matching them against a database of 20 million consumer records. If this does not garner the desired results, we can also match it against a database of over 200 million, which has resulted in a total of over 40% match rates for our clients. Opt-in Email Lists are a great way to reach motivated buyers. The opt-in email lists are comprised of consumers who have indicated an interest in a particular market and who want to receive information about goods and service that pertain to that interest.



Novo’s proprietary email list cleaning and hygiene process technology identifies malicious and invalid email addresses for disposal and can provide expert advice on email list management. The email list cleaning and hygiene process check every lead to make sure that it is still valid and still accepting third-party emails. To do this, we identify and update typos, duplicates, database errors, bad domains, possible spamtraps, and honeypot addresses, “Do Not Email” records, etc. Maintaining a “clean” email list will ensure that your marketing dollars continue to invest in the right consumers, will keep you from being listed on ISP block lists, will minimize the danger of technical problems, and will help your business expand.



Optimizing engagement and deliverability across your email channel is becoming increasingly complex. It’s no longer sufficient to focus solely on your subscribers’ preferences and behaviors; now, you also need to understand how to leverage emerging channels like mobile and social media. If you’re one of many email marketers wondering how to handle everything with limited internal resources and budget challenges, we’re here to help.

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