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If you are looking to get your information into the hands of the big decision makers, then our Decision Makers in Advertising, Media, and Marketing email list is an invaluable tool for your next marketing campaign. This email list contains contact information for 60,000 of today’s leading decision makers and will help you get your message into the right hands.

In today’s ever-changing economy, people are switching jobs constantly. Relying on networks built within a company to keep your business’ presence alive is too risky, as these networks are constantly being altered. As familiar faces move out of the office and new faces move in, you need to be sure that your company’s information is in the hands of a stable, reliable decision maker. To avoid having your contact information lost in the shuffle, you need to make sure that you send it to the right people. Novo Marketing’s decision makers email list will help you send your valuable marketing information to the right people.

The decision makers email list is your ticket to the contact information of thousands of today’s advertising, media, and marketing leaders. This email list includes company information, such as the company name and website, in addition to the personal information of its top decision makers. When you invest in Novo Marketing’s decision makers email list, you will receive the first and last names, titles, phone numbers, email addresses, and postal addresses of those decision makers who are leading the way in advertising, media, and marketing. With this email list you will also receive information about the industry they work in and the size of their company, allowing you to tailor your message to their needs.

A successful marketing campaign is all about calling attention to how your product can help your prospective clients. You know your product, you know how it can benefit others, and with the help of our decision makers email list you can get this valuable information into the hands of those who have the power to invest in your product.

Don’t let your company’s information go unnoticed. With the Novo Marketing decision makers email list, you will have all you need to get your marketing materials into the hands of the most influential individuals in advertising, media, and marketing. For pricing and updated count information, please contact a Novo Marketing Sales Representative.

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