SEO is also known as Search Engine Optimization, Organic Search and Natural Search. Type your keywords or keyword phrases into any search engine and view the results. You will soon understand the importance of high, natural rankings in the Search Engines.

Every company who owns a website should be doing SEO on some level. SEO Rankings in Search Engines are FREE traffic, as opposed to PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns.
SEO Services, if implemented correctly, will increase:

* New Site Visitors
* Pageviews (Number of pages visitors consume on your website)
* Time on Site (The amount of time visitors spend on your site)
* Referral Traffic (Visitors will want to link to your pages)

While Decreasing:

Bounce Rates* (The amount of time someone spends on your page before leaving)

*Note: If this is a landing page with a specific call to action, bounce rates might be higher than your site average.
SEO Services – Organic SEO
SEO or Organic SEO services from Novo Marketing include everything you need to make your business a success. While nobody can guarantee you high rankings in the search engines, Novo Marketing will work with you to increase your current rankings and position you to be the market leader in your industry.
Our SEO Services encompass the following:

Initial SEO Research

1. Titles, Descriptions, Keywords, Code, Links
2. Competition (size, niche markets, landscape for proposed product, demographics, etc.)
3. SEO-Friendly URLs
4. Page Rank
5. Website Inspection (recently re-designed needs to be updated, etc.)

Client Information

1. Discuss goals of campaign (branding, selling more widgets, increasing demographic audience, etc.)
2. Measuring results (web analytics, ROI, etc.)
3. Raw log files – Review raw log files to help form baseline reports
4. Web Analytics – Review current web analytics in order to form baseline reports
5. Explain processes/procedures to you so there are no surprises

SEO Campaign

1. Robots.txt creation
2. Sitemap.xml file creation
3. Webmaster Tools (Google, Yahoo, MSN) – Site Verification
4. Web Analytics – Set up for tracking SEO Campaign
5. Keyword Selection
6. Keyword Mapping(shows which keywords are being used, their Titles, Descriptions, Keywords and the corresponding URLs)
7. SEO Technical Recommendations (HTML Code structure, use of JavaScript, Flash, etc.)
8. Meta Tagging (Titles, Descriptions, Keywords inside of HTML Code)
9. Directory Structure – Revise Directory structure (as needed) to ensure optimal SEO
10. Linkbuilding – both internal and external
11. Alt Tags – make sure Alt tags are SEO friendly
12. SEO Copywriting – Ensure main theme of page is carried out in content
13. Develop Link Bait Opportunities (create widgets, gadgets, etc. to engage site visitors)
14. Promotion and PR Content (Directory Submissions, Press Releases, etc.)

SEO Reporting

1. Baseline Report – Create current snapshot of the keyword landscape
2. Monthly Ranking Reports – Show progress of SEO Campaign Month to Month
3. Monthly Linking Reports (if applicable) – Shows two things – Current SEO Links and future linking opportunities

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